What a ride!

Well it’s now nearly the end of April and I have learned so much. My brain capacity is pretty good still, considering I’m an old girl now.

As well as completing a Career as a Dog Trainer course and a Practical Instructor course, both with IMDT, I have read and am continuing to read some fascinating books on dog behaviour and how to train using positive methods. It’s mind blowing and at the same time makes perfect sense. Traditional methods which use punishment in various forms from verbal reprimands to hitting the dog, may get the dog to temporarily do what you want, but out of fear. These methods diminish trust between the dog and owner. To successfully train a dog, you need the dog to trust you.

You want your dog to be a dog don’t you? Not a shadow of a dog that sits in the corner afraid of trying things because he might get a whack. That’s not a well behaved dog, that’s an insecure dog. Through positive training and trust, you can shape your dog to be operant and offer you behaviours. You can pick the ones you want and reinforce them. What a fantastic way to train your pet.

Every dog is trainable. No dog is better at learning than another. It’s the methods we use that matter.

Part 1

I love dogs.

On Friday 13th January 2017 I had an idea which has taken over my mind and quite a lot of my life too since then. I’m going to become a dog trainer! I absolutely am!

Dogs are amazing, I think people don’t really know what their dogs are capable of.

After researching almost non-stop I’ve learned a lot about the dog training business. I need to be up there, with the other local dog trainers, so I have booked the best courses possible for me and I start my training in March!

I completed an online dog training course last October which gave me an insight and a desire to take this much further and the training skills I have already will help me so much.  After finding many online courses my question was, how do I go from knowing it in theory, to actually training real people with their real dogs?  Well, the courses I’m booked on give me plenty of hands on training. I must thank Jim, my husband here for ‘investing’ over £1100 in me.

Yikes! I’m so excited and I know I’ve got a whole lot to learn about running a dog training business. Oh, what a ride it’s going to be!