What I offer:

Home visits and 1-2-1 training

Rescue dog package

Puppy Package

Puppy Parties. Pups 8-12 weeks

Puppy Preschool classes. Pups from 8 weeks.

Free Play sessions for very sociable dogs. 30 minutes.

Enrichment classes

Essential life skills and basics classes. Dogs from 6 months old.

Tricks, fun and games classes. Great mental & physical stimulation. Safe and fun.

Recall 2 part training

Loose Lead walking training

Rescue dog training/consultation

Behaviour modification consultation

You and your dog will have a good time! Read on for the details of each session.

Rescue dog assessment & training package

This package is designed to set you up for success if you have or are about to adopt/rescue a dog.  Includes an initial phone consultation before you collect your dog, an  assessment consultation during visit 1, and 2 follow up visits with a written report and plan of action. £180

Puppy Parties

For puppies from 8-12 weeks. This is a 1 hour session designed to catch your puppy in his peak socialisation period. Getting you off to a great start with your puppy. Includes confidence building, success with toilet training, play, socialisation and correct training methods. What to do and what not to do! Essential for new puppy parents. Held in a secure space. Safe, fun and informative. £12.  Lovedean. Pups must have had 1st vaccinations. Held outside.

Adult dog socialisation and confidence classes

5 week course. This is designed for adult dogs who are nervous and/or reactive. Exercises and practical help reduce/eliminate re-activeness towards dogs, people, cars, bikes and any other stimuli.  Coming soon.


Home Visit consultation

This involves and initial telephone consult of 15-20 minutes approx. I then visit your home where I will ask lots of questions and we will devise a suitable course of action to change your dogs behaviour. I then compile a detailed report and plan of action for you to follow which I email or post to you.   Please contact me if you’d like to arrange for me to visit. For visits outside my 10 mile radius, I will charge an additional 50p per mile. Please contact me if you have any questions.

60-90 minute home visit £80

1:1 Training

One hour 1:1 training at your home, in a local park or field or at my dog training venue in Lovedean.


Recall 2 part Workshop

This is a 2 part training. Recall is one of the most difficult things to get reliable. Learn how to get the best recall from your dog. £30. Held on  Wednesdays at 10am  & Thursdays 7.15pm. Sessions are held outside come rain or shine. Lovedean.

Loose Lead walking

One hour session specifically designed to train loose lead walking. Now wouldn’t that be nice! £15.  Held outside at Lovedean.

Puppy Package

Setting you up for success. With so many things to consider and so much conflicting training advice, this puppy package is essential. The puppy package consists of a pre-puppy visit and 3 x 1 hour sessions in your home with you, your family and your puppy. Everything you need to know to nurture and train your puppy to become a confident, well adjusted dog. £140


Puppy classes

Block of 5 weeks concentrating on setting the correct foundations for your pup to grow into a confident, well adjusted adult dog. Includes confidence building, puppy behaviour issues, practical training, how your puppy feels, play, settle and much more. It’s not about obedience yet… it’s about nurturing, creating trust and building confidence. £60. Tuesdays 6.15pm  in Lovedean. For puppies from 8 weeks. Must have had 1st vaccinations. Held outside. Maximum 6 puppies.

Puppy progression classes

Block of 5 weeks continuing to build confidence and shape the required behaviour. For puppies 5-10 months old. Includes understanding your dog, what motivates them, learning how to use the best training methods for your dog, changing unwanted puppy behaviour and much more. Held outside. Coming Soon.

Dog Essential Life Skills classes

For dogs over 6 months. Block of 5 classes designed to get started on the essential things such as recall, loose lead walking, emergency stop, how to use the correct training methods, the importance of play, mental stimulation, how dogs learn, body language basics and much more. Safe and fun. £60. Tuesdays 7.30pm. Held outside at Lovedean.

Adult dog progression classes

Block of 5 classes designed to keep your dog mentally stimulated. Continuing to increase your dogs abilities. Training more difficult tasks and building to strengthen existing good behaviours.  Trick training too.  Safe and Fun. £60 Wednesday 12noon. Held outside at Lovedean. Coming Soon.

Tricks, Fun & Games classes

Block of 5. Fun, fun, fun for dogs and owners.  Great activities for you to enjoy with your dog.  For fun and stimulation. £60. Held outside at Lovedean.

Before your Puppy Arrives

There is so much to know before you collect your puppy. How will you train him? How will you get him to sleep happily though the night without his mother? How will you turn him into a well behaved adult dog? All this starts BEFORE you pick him up.  If you train him the correct way right from the beginning, you won’t have to re-train him later on in his life. Makes sense doesn’t it? The same applies to everything else your dog needs to learn. Start training him right from the beginning. Know how BEFORE he arrives at his new home. I’m happy to travel within 10 miles of Waterlooville.

I offer a 60 minute home visit designed to help you think of everything before you collect your new dog whether it’s a rescue dog or a puppy.  It will be aimed at getting you set up and prepared for your lively bundle of fun whether you are collecting him tomorrow or thinking about getting him 6 months down the line. Please contact me to book an appointment for this one to one service. I’m happy to travel within 10 miles of Waterlooville

Pre dog home visit £40. Call 07989658867

Training Walks

Loose Lead Training Walk. We take your dog for a walk together and train loose lead walking and general manners at the same time. We can also train other things during the walk.

Socialization walk. I walk your dog/puppy  with or without you and help acclimatize him to the big world of sights, smells and sounds observing his reactions and working on any areas that cause anxiety.

30 minute Training walks £25

call 07989658867

Enrichment Classes

Increasing your bond with fun enrichment activities including nose/scent work, clicker fun, sensory activities, games, rucksack walk. 5 week course £60