About Us

When you think you’ve trained your dog everything, train her some more! Training is SO beneficial to your dogs mental well-being and what fun you can have together!

I’m Janet and I’m passionate about dog training using the force-free, positive methods!

I’m based in Tairgwaith near Ammanford, Carmarthenshire. I am IMDT qualified and accredited and vet recommended. I have recently partnered with Phoenix Rehoming, a charity based in Havant, Hampshire. They rescue many dogs from Romania. I’ve written a few columns for my local newspaper.

Modern methods are scientifically proven to get the best results for you and your dog. These methods create trust and a bond between you and your dog like no other.

Train your dog with love.

Janet & Emily

I want my dogs to be dogs.

You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

I’ve always had dogs around. Growing up we had many varieties of family dogs, Dixie, Mungo and Sadie. More recently I had Millie. Now we have our dog Bentley who is an Airedale Terrier. We also have Lottie who we adopted from Romania. Bentley was born in January 2017. We found out when he was 9 months old that he has hip dysplasia. He now has one new hip. He was very hard work as a young puppy and I’m not getting any younger, but he’s coming along nicely now. Lottie, mixed breed, was extremely nervous on her arrival with us in November 2018. She has gained confidence and we are thrilled we were able to give her a better life. Bentley and Lottie love each other (most of the time)!

Scent work with Bentley