Terms and Conditions

Your dog needs to be fully vaccinated before joining the classes.

Dogs need to be on their leads at all times. All dogs need to be wearing a collar or harness.

Your dog needs to be in good health to participate. Please do not bring your dog along if he is unwell or contagious or is suffering from sickness/diarrhoea.

Please let me know if your dog has any allergies. It is the owners responsibility to inform me of allergies in your dog.

If your female dog is in season I ask that you do not attend the classes during this time.

All dog owners/handlers need to have poop bags with them.

I do not tolerate the use of any equipment which causes pain to the dog, such as electric shock collars, choke chains etc.

I do not tolerate harsh handling. Please report harsh handling to us if you witness this.

Please do not bring aggressive dogs along to the classes. Aggression is a complex behaviour that needs to be managed through other channels. if your dog has any other behaviour that is potentially harmful to other dogs/people, please refrain from attending group classes.

The classes have limited space and are in high demand. For this reason, I ask that you pay £20 non refundable deposit to secure your space at the time of booking.  The balance will be required during the first class session. Due to the number restrictions and the cost of hall hire I have a no refunds policy.

Occasionally I will post photos and achievements onto our Facebook page. Please let me know if you’d prefer photos of you and your dog not to be included on social media.