Part 1

I love dogs.

On Friday 13th January 2017 I had an idea which has taken over my mind and quite a lot of my life too since then. I’m going to become a dog trainer! I absolutely am!

Dogs are amazing, I think people don’t really know what their dogs are capable of.

After researching almost non-stop I’ve learned a lot about the dog training business. I need to be up there, with the other local dog trainers, so I have booked the best courses possible for me and I start my training in March!

I completed an online dog training course last October which gave me an insight and a desire to take this much further and the training skills I have already will help me so much.  After finding many online courses my question was, how do I go from knowing it in theory, to actually training real people with their real dogs?  Well, the courses I’m booked on give me plenty of hands on training. I must thank Jim, my husband here for ‘investing’ over £1100 in me.

Yikes! I’m so excited and I know I’ve got a whole lot to learn about running a dog training business. Oh, what a ride it’s going to be!


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